Sunday, March 29, 2009

Looking For The Best Music Videos Database and Artists Database


If you are looking for music videos or lyrics to songs, you need to find the best music videos database on the internet. Look for an artists database that features a list of artists as well as a search tool that you can use to find your favorite artists and their songs. Whether you want to listen and watch their music videos or just learn the lyrics to their songs, you can find them when you use artists database. 


Large videos databases contain a lot more than music from artists. They contain homemade videos, commercials and people trying to pretend that they are the artists. Everyone with a camcorder can easily make a video and upload it online. But is that what you want to see when you are looking for music videos from your favorite artists? Probably not. Yet, if you do not use a music videos database, you will spend a lot of time sifting through a bunch of home made videos to find the actual music video from your favorite artist.  This can be very frustrating. When you lost an artists database, you do not have that problem. The best music videos database is loaded with music videos from your favorite artists, both old and new. And they are as easy to find as ever as you can search by song or by artist to get the video. 


Included in the artists database is the search tool that lists artists and videos.  This can be helpful if you are not sure about the title of the song or who sung the song. You can use an alphabetical search tool to look for what you think is the title. The search engine will enable you to plug in words from the song to search in this manner. There are a number of ways that you can find the music videos that you want when you are using a music videos database. 


Also included in the artists database are the lyrics to thousands of songs.  These include lyrics to new releases as well as older tunes. If you are looking for lyrics, you will want to use an artists database. Even if you are unsure of the song, you can find the lyrics you are looking for by the name of the artist. There are also lists that you can use to help you in this search. 


You can have a lot of fun entertaining yourself with music videos and looking up lyrics to songs when you visit a music videos database. Once you  take advantage of the artists database, you can then go back again and again to have some fun and look up songs and videos. 


If you enjoy music and want to find the best music videos from your favorite artists, or want to find lyrics to your favorite tunes, you should use the artists database. Once you use the music videos database and see the easy access you have to music videos, you will not want to look for them anywhere else on the web. 

To find the best music videos database , look for one that features the videos from your favorite artists instead of homemade videos. You can use the artists database at Mofito and find lyrics and videos.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Let The Music Play With Yamaha DGX 505 Grand Piano

If you love to play music and want to practice on a portable grand series that boasts of top of the line features, then the DGX 505 is ideal for you. Some of the top features which make it a must buy are USB which enables plug and play compatibility, SmartMedia lyric and notation display, sustain pedal, a wooden stand on which the keyboard is perched, a very sensitive keyboard that responds to your touch and the keyboard is styled like a piano and is extremely lightweight.

The DGX 505 is actually a rehashed and enhanced version of model number DGX 500, which was a very popular model and sold in huge numbers and the 505 has replaced the old model and the makers are hoping that it will surpass the previous model in terms of popularity.

Some more features that I am going to describe here are user friendly attractive panel, 88 keys that are lightly weighted, SmartMedia storage, stereo piano sample of a high resolution, USB computer connectivity, a liquid crystal display that is large in size and bitmapped and if you wish to play the brass and string instruments in a more expressive manner then you can make use of the pitch bend wheel.

To make things simpler, the makers have designed a 6 track sequencer and you can start recording your performances with a double button push. This model also features an interactive novel version of Yamaha Education Suite that is way better than the one found on the previous models. The one on DGX 505 is the version IV that includes in it modes like repeat and learn and your tempo.

You need not worry if you are a beginner or a complete novice. You can still enjoy a very rewarding musical experience thanks to the performance assistance technology that has been newly added and because of it you can play along to different songs on your DGX 505 without committing one single mistake.

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Finding Guitar Tabs For Songs And Riffs

People with a taste for guitar orientated songs often find themselves limited by their own tastes in music. We all have a fairly narrow range of musical experience and we often need some advice on what else is out there to add to our repertoire of songs to listen to and play on the guitar.

If you are a classical or surf guitar fan you probably won't know much about bands like Soundgarden who are one of your more prominent bands from the grunge era. You can find guitar tabs for their songs on tab sites and you will be adding to your musical education by getting some idea of how Soundgarden songs are constructed.

The grunge sound is chunky and expressive and power-chordy. You can get that gravelly sound happening with effects or fooling around with your amp settings. Some songs you could study are Black Hole Sun, Fell On Black Days and Pretty Noose.

Staying with grunge pieces, Nirvana songs will help you feel like a real guitar player without taxing your technique. About A Girl and Polly come to mind as songs for enthusiastic guitarists.

There are some songs and instrumental pieces that sound really intricate but are not hard to play. Classical Gas by Mason Williams is an outstanding example but Fruit Tree by Nick Drake is another song that gives you some satisfaction as do most of his songs. You can also find tabs for Paul Simon songs. His compositions are worth a look for any acoustic guitar player.

If you are up for challenge Tommy Emmanuel arrangements are worth a try. His style is based on Travis picking but his approach to the guitar is totally unique and it's a pleaure to watch him tackle an old favorite the you thought nobody could do anything with.

The theme from the movie The Deerhunter is a nice acoustic piece that is not hard to play. Another classic every acoustic guitar player should attempt is Anji by Davy Graham. Again, this is a simple piece that sounds fantastic. If you pick up a guitar at a party and play Anji you will easily make people forget the guy who played Smoke On The Water.

To begin practicing the songs you find on tabs sites you will need to get your chord fingering and your sense of rhythm going. It won't take months of practice but to play simple chords in time without fluffed notes is the beginning of your career as a guitar player.

Now you have a collection of guitar songs to learn, here's what you must do: Print out the tabs of your favorite songs. Don't put them in any particular order, just start by attempting to play whatever song is on the top of your pile. If it seems too hard to play, grab another one and try it. You will eventually find a song you are comfortable with and when you have learned it you will have one song and a bunch of motivation to go onto a second one. Now keep going till you've gone through your pile of guitar tabs.

Do you want to learn to play the guitar? Learn How To Play A Guitar For Free is a constantly updated blog which contains all the resources you need for: learning to play solo guitar, how to learn guitar chords, how to learn to read and play easy acoustic guitar tabs, finding a free online guitar tuner, looking for free guitar lessons online, and how to learn guitar scales.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

A List Of The Best Yamaha Portable Keyboards

Portable keyboards are available everywhere and you can get them at any price range you want. If you want a very costly one you can easily get that and if you want a low priced one then that too is available. Here we will give you a list of all the top quality Yamaha portable keyboards and their price so that you can choose the one which best suits your purpose.

The first one in our list is the Yamaha YPG 235, 76 key MIDI keyboard. This is a digital keyboard with the added feature of USB connectivity for your music transfer purposes. The price of the product is a hundred and nineteen dollars but you may get it for less if you haggle.

Next is the Yamaha PSR E413, 61 key keyboards which is the newest in the Yamaha portable series. It is highly innovated and has several new features that are not present in the earlier version. This key board is priced at only two hundred dollars approx.

Then comes the very dashing Yamaha P85, which has an eighty eight key keyboard. It is authentic and more preferred for the sound quality and expressiveness. It is one of the best ever made by the company and priced at about five hundred and fifty dollars it is a very good buy.

The next is the Yamaha YPG 535, an eighty eight key keyboard which will offer you the added advantage of a grand touch soft action. Moreover, USB connectivity is present and you can easily connect it to your computer. The machine is priced at four hundred and fifty dollars.

Now comes the lowest priced of all Yamaha portable keyboards, but one which is somewhat ranked in the middle. The Yamaha, PSR E213 61 key MIDI keyboard is one of the best for beginners of all ages. Priced at only eighty nine dollars, it is a good buy as it has about 375 instrumentals and full size, good keys.

There are many other Yamaha keyboards available but the above mentioned are the best portable keyboards ever made by Yamaha.

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A To Z Information On Digital Keyboards

Digital keyboards that feature full 88 touch sensitive keys will perhaps be the best choice for you if you wish to capture the feel of an acoustic piano. A damper pedal attached to it would be even better. However, you have to keep in mind that keyboards of this variety will set you back by $1000 more.

These kinds of digital keyboards are ideal for beginners or those who are into their 1st year music lessons. The starting price for cheap acoustic pianos is around $2000. So you can naturally guess how much an expensive electric keyboard will cost you. When you purchase a keyboard, you must check to see that it has USB connectivity and PC connectivity.

Such features will raise the price bar higher, but ultimately you will be the gainer in the long run. Don’t think of digital keyboards as substitute for an acoustic piano, rather it should complement or be an adjunct to the latter.

If you are a complete novice who wants to test the piano learning waters or wants to gift your children a piano to encourage him or her to take up piano lessons or if you are not sure about the student’s interest levels and don’t want to waste a lot of money on something super expensive. Then the cheaper varieties of smaller keyboards will be ideal for you and they cost less than $200 and are therefore, extremely pocket friendly.

You can make do with these types of keyboards for quite a few months. These types of digital keyboards have a rudimentary type of damper pedal, the keys might often turn out to be not so touch sensitive and there will be no more than 4/5 octaves. A full keyboard usually features around 8 to 9 octaves. Another feature that you must check while purchasing a digital keyboard is whether the instrument is MIDI compatible or not.

Nowadays, you can avail yourself of different models featuring both complex and simple kinds of keyboards, which are sold with piano training software, and the makers nowadays make available different varieties of software and hardware combinations.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Paranoid Ringtone | Kanye West - Paranoid Ringtone

Paranoid by Kanye West is one of the hottest songs in the world right now and the Paranoid Ringtone is the perfect choice for your next cell phone ringtone. If you want a new ringtone for your phone, Paranoid Ringtone by Kanye West is a great choice.

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Paranoid is climbing up the charts including the Billboard Hot 100 & iTunes Top Songs Chart. The music video is a top clip on YouTube and the track is getting frequent radio airplay. Paranoid Ringtone by Kanye West is currently one of the top mobile downloads in North America. Kanye West has released some awesome songs over the past year, but Paranoid is definitely one of the best. If you're looking for a new ringtone for your phone, the Paranoid Ringtone is the perfect choice. Don't wait - Download the Paranoid Ringtone now and enjoy it on your phone today.

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Yamaha Digital Piano: An Overall Look

Since the Yamaha digital piano came into existence, many people have liked it and are particularly fond of this brand. It has remained the favorite of many musicians. There are many musicians who choose the Yamaha digital piano over the other brands present in the market. The Yamaha digital piano has been treated with great respect all over the world.

There are various models of Yamaha digital pianos you just need to choose the right one for you according to your needs. You must be sure what features you want in your digital piano and then choose from those models.

The Yamaha digital piano has many advantages. Firstly, the cost of the digital piano is considerably less than an acoustic piano. Digital pianos are also quite easy to handle and light to carry, which is especially useful for the working musician. A Yamaha digital piano does not even require tuning like older models of the pianos.

These pianos also have another great advantage, they come with headphones, if you connect the headphones only you can hear the sound, and this is great for beginners and advance players alike, because there's no chance of disturbing anybody who is not a music lover. Another great feature of the piano is that it has a MIDI. The MIDI is expandable. So you can connect your piano to other devices that have MIDI like, computers and other music keyboards.

You will find a wide range of Yamaha digital pianos on the internet. The Yamaha digital piano can be used in schools, home, churches, and even on stage and other places where you can compose your own music. The Yamaha digital piano has an interesting feature which is known as the graded hammer effect. This particular feature gives the same grand feeling of playing music that is available with acoustic and grand pianos. There are heavy as well as light keys wherever required and the right combination gives the right feel and sound.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Portable Electric Keyboard: Good Or Bad

The electric keyboard is a musical instrument, which is played using a piano keyboard and produces sound with the help of electricity. In earlier times, the keyboard was mechanical but these days the electric variety is used more than the traditional piano. The traditional piano is a keyboard instrument, but it is not electronic in any way. Synthesizers, workstations and portable arrangers are keyboard instruments that use electricity.

Electric keyboard produces a variety of sounds and this is done by combining, as well as generating, signals of various frequencies. The frequencies are converted into the electrical signals and then amplified to produce sound through the speakers. But the root of the electric keyboard is in the piano itself, it has evolved from the traditional piano.

Modern keyboards came into existence only in the later part of the 20th century, almost in the 1970s. This new revolution started about thirty years ago. It is not a very old form of musical instrument. But since it was introduced, it has gained in popularity over the years. The effect of the electronic keyboard is visible in all parts of the music industry.

Everybody today prefers these kinds of keyboards. Today's bands, groups and musicians have had a boost in popularity due to the electric keyboard. The sound that is produced is simply perfect when played in front of a live audience. They have also made it possible to produce unusual sound effects that have added extra attraction to their music performance.

Almost all the bands have begun to use the electric keyboard regularly since the 1980s. Most popular songs of the 1980s feature music using electric keyboards. The best part of these keyboards is ability to replicate the sound of the traditional piano as well as many other instruments.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Will Computers Replace Musicians?

Computer audio technology has made huge advances over the past several years. It is now quite possible for entire orchestras or small ensembles to be duplicated in a studio using just one simple keyboard or computer. Processing power has made it possible to store actual audio frequencies of various instruments and then to adjust them for pitch, resulting in a melodious playback that would be identical in frequency to the original sound.

So, what does this mean for the future of instrumentalists? Like assembly line workers in an auto plant, will musicians be replaced by computers? Does the future look bleak for those who are studying to be professional musicians?

The answer is a resounding, "NO!"

There are several reasons why the future is looking even brighter for those who would endeavor to study musical performance. Now is not the time to give up on your dreams and, in fact, it seems that the study of being a musical performer could never be more important. Here are 5 of those reasons:

1) Humans are not perfect. At first glance, this may not seem like a valid reason – or perhaps a reason supporting the opposite view. However, it is the imperfect, subjective, and unique quality of a human being that makes a human performance more fascinating and satisfying than that of a computer. The risk of making a mistake lends a hand to the level of appreciation that an audience has for a human performer. Sometimes, in fact, it is the poor tone or the wrong notes that truly give a performance emotion. One needs only to consider the sour notes that come from your child's first recital or the Jr. High band's first concert. We wouldn't have it any other way! Yes – it is true that computer experts are working on "humanizing" electronic performances. But success in this field seems a long way off.

2) What you see is what you get. Imagine if you will the excitement of walking through the doors of Carnegie Hall, taking your seat, watching the lights dim, and hearing the applause as a concert is about to begin. The curtain opens and there before your eyes is a small table with a computer and a set of speakers. What you are hearing could be a marvelous rendition of a symphony or an opera. But honestly – are you there only for the sound? What is the performance without the visual? Nothing beats the beauty and grandeur of an entire symphony playing together. The bows of the violins are completely in sync with one another. The cymbal player is reaching high in the air to emphasize the crash. The soloist is swaying to the rhythm of the melody. The visual is key to excitement and without it you have nothing!

3) Comraderie and identification. Ask any musician today about what they feel is their most favorite aspect of being a musician, and they will tell you that it is the friendships and bonds that form as a result of performing together and learning together. There is nothing like a stellar performance that causes a performing group to become joined together as a team. Even the audience, many of whom are most likely musicians, becomes entranced with the performance as if they are playing along in their minds. Children look at and hear the performers and dream of one day becoming a musical star. Adults look at and hear the performers and dream also – perhaps of one day reaching that level of ability, or perhaps of the time when they themselves could play that piece.

4) The amazing human ear. Yes – technology has advanced and unbelievable things have been accomplished with musical software. However, at this point anyway, it is still possible for the human ear to detect the differences between human and electronic. There are subtle nuances in tone and style that give away an electronic performance – or even a recording of that performance. People are no doubt fooled every day when they hear the accompaniment to a television commercial or the background score to a movie but, for the most part, it is still possible to tell the difference. Of course, this is the one things that is most likely to change as technology progresses. Perhaps we may be saying something completely different in the near future.

5) Music is fun! OK – so even if all the above reasons are not valid, the sheer enjoyment of playing an instrument will never be replaced by "playing" a computer. During times of stress and times of grief, the musician will quickly resort to the therapy offered by playing songs to an audience of one. During times of celebration and joy, there is no better method for shouting a cheer than to express it in music. Of course, perhaps most importantly, during times of worship, there is no more appropriate expression of love and service than to offer a song of praise.

Yes – technology is moving ahead. No – technology will not replace the musician. Perhaps some jobs will be lost in the commercial world or in the studio when budgets are tight. But the world of the human musician is ever expanding and the need to continue training and raising new musicians will never end.

Francis Beaudry is currently the conductor of two orchestras. He is a writer and arranger and has published musical works for choir and orchestra. In addition he is the president of, an online musical accessories superstore offering instrument accessories, musical accessories. For more visit at

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Appreciating Classical Music and the Arts

Many people have the same complaints about classical music and poetry. Some say classical music bores them and poetry just does not make any sense. In reality, they suffer a problem very similar to culture shock, or in other words, they have not learned how to appreciate poetry or classical music. I should be clear that most people fall into this category. Even people who have studied the arts often times do not put forth the energy required to appreciate some classical music or poetry. A look at how people listen and appreciate might help to understand what a listener or reader really has to do if they want to avoid being bored to tears by T. S. Eliot's "Ash Wednesday" or Pier Gynt's Hall of the Mountain King. How to Listen Spoiled by popular music, most people have never been taught how to listen to classical music. Popular music tends to consist of about three chords, has a repetitive 'hook', and nearly always consists of a four-four beat, three verses, and a chorus, except when it's even simpler than that. Most popular music will repeat the important bits multiple times with a catchy rhythm just in case you didn't hear it the first time, so you can learn the words to a song without ever really listening to it. In fact, anyone who happened to sit down and do nothing but listen intently to all the chord progressions, the lyrics, and the subtleties of the popular genre will most likely get really bored, really fast. Although they will come away knowing the song by heart. Which just emphasizes my point, popular music teaches all the wrong lessons for listening to classical music. Classical music also has a melodic 'hook', often call a motif. This motif goes around and around, but every time suffers important alterations. The casual listener often finds himself bored to tears as it seemingly repeats itself over and over, but only because s/he is only superficially listening. More careful attention reveals that the composer takes that melody and flips it upside down, sideways, backwards, high, low, fast, slow, and finally pulls it right side up again, all to the counterpoint of an entire orchestra. In other words, you cannot do other things while listening to classical music. Cleaning the house to the sound of the Beatles will work fine, but listening to Mozart's Requiem with the vacuum cleaner going will make it range from inaudible to noise. The secret to enjoyment lies in paying attention and ignoring outside distractions. I won't promise that this way of listening will make classical your favorite music, but at least you will know what you've been missing. Reading Poetry Poetry compares to popular novels like classical music compares to popular music. Reading a poem one time through and then saying, "I don't get it" only emphasizes that s/he doesn't know how to read poetry. Try the following process: Read the poem, read it again, stopping to take note of allusions and new words, look them up and read it again. You'll appreciate it more. For more information on a classical music, visit and

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Purchasing Used Casio Keyboards

You must be wondering which keyboard to buy for yourself if you are interested in music. So lets say you have decided to buy a musical keyboard for yourself. But you cannot decide which brand to go for. You are also worried about the price of the keyboard.

You might have heard of different brands that offer different kinds of keyboards at various price ranges and now you are confused about which one will be the best choice for you. If you really want to choose the best deal for yourself then you can try your hands at a used Casio keyboard.
Casio keyboards have become quite popular nowadays and as per the review of this brand it is working out quite well for Casio. Before you buy used Casio keyboards you need to make sure that they are original Casio keyboards. If you want to buy used products you need to be patient before buying them, do not rush.

You need to check out used Casio keyboards and make sure the sound quality is ok, meaning, no damaged speakers. You also need to check all the buttons and the keys on the keyboard. Sometimes used keyboards can be defective so you need to pay more attention while buying used Casio keyboards.
If you are a beginner and learning music then your better off with a used Casio keyboard, they will cost less and after a few days, if you feel that you are really interested in learning music on the keyboard you can then invest your money on a new one. Used Casio keyboards are quite common and you can get them in any musical instrument store.

Casio is one of the largest selling brands today. You can purchase used Casio keyboards and save money. Casio keyboards are also sold on auction sites. If you buy a used keyboard from the internet, you need to pay the shipping price. Casio accessories can also be bought online.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

No Bald Eagles

The opportunity to see The Eagles fell into our laps the other day.  Veronica, a huge fan who had never seen them live, was chomping at the bit.  I, however, was skeptical.  Having seen The Eagles in their heyday, during the 1976 Hotel California tour, I didn't want to spoil that memory.

Sure, the stranger on the ferry boat who just saw them the previous night said they were still great, but... he was just a stranger on a ferry across the Mississippi.   I also have several musically knowledgeable friends who have seen the band recently and fully agree with ferry boat guy, so I allowed myself to start a bit of bit chomping as we drove closer to the arena.

Once inside, the first thing that struck me was the crowd.  This wasn't a ‘70's rock concert crowd. Oh wait, yes it was -- just 30 years older.  Middle aged and middle class, I guess we all grew up and now we can afford the hundred dollar tickets.  If I remember right, it was around fifteen bucks back when I saw them the first time.

The band took the stage, all in suits and ties, ala Buddy Holly.  What happened to the torn up blue jeans and tee shirts?  Well, at least Joe Walsh and Timothy Schmitt still have long hair, even if Walsh looks a bit like what if Nixon had long gray hair.  Overall, they still look cool, just different cool and at least there aren't any bald Eagles.

About halfway through the first song I started using my ears instead of my eyes and realized "Man, these guys still sing great!"  They are fully aware of the changes the years have brought and embrace them.   They humorously acknowledged the passing time right off the bat, with Glenn Frey introducing themselves as "The ancient ones, the band that wouldn't die" on "The Assisted Living Tour."  This is not a nostalgia tour, it's rock and roll grown-up style.

This is a very different Eagles than the ones I grew up with.  With a four piece horn section and two extra keyboard players, Will Hollis and Michael Thompson, this is more like a review than a country rock group.  They also have another drummer, Scott Crago, allowing Don Henley to step in front of the kit for a good part of the show, although he spends a good bit of time on both percussion and drums.  Nobody plays the straight country rock beat any better than Henley, and he does it while singing.  The group is rounded out with guitarist Steuart Smith playing Don Felder and Bernie Leadon's old parts impeccably.  He is pretty much a real member of the band these days, writing and co-produced on The Long Road Out of Eden album.

The mix of the old stuff with the new, plus tunes from their solo careers, is very smooth and  presented with impeccable performances and sound production. The staging was cool, not overbearing, and did not distract from the music. 

The guys may be older but they sure aren't worn out.  The show goes over three hours, with a short intermission.  It was during this intermission that Veronica overhead perhaps the best line of the night.  An appalled security guard remarked as she removed women from the men's room that she expected that kind of behavior from last week's Nickelback crowd but not from Eagles fans!  Who knew?  There were two women in the men's room when I went too.  Rock-n-Roll.

After the break it occurred to me, why should it seem strange or out of place for Rock acts to keep touring into their golden years?  No one thinks it the least bit odd when Blues, Jazz or Classical acts keep performing well into their 70's or 80's.  I think it just goes to show you that Rock & Roll has now become an enduring art form and truly will live forever.


David & Veronica are experiencing the collision of baby boomer with empty nester. They have decided to grab life by the horns, sell the nest and become GypsyNesters.


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Digital Piano Or Upright Piano: Which One Is Better?

Many people have the opinion that digital pianos do not sound like original pianos, while some people say about the upright piano that they take too much space in a room. You will find this kind of conflict about electric pianos and upright pianos very off and on. This conflict is a never-ending one and will also never be solved.

People have their personal preferences. Some like the older style and old quality of the music in pianos while some love the new technologies used in the modern day digital piano. The electric piano is not a very old innovation. It has been around for about 20 years now. But they are the most widely used musical instruments today.

When the digital piano was first introduced, it was like a blunder. The keys used on the keyboard were extremely light and spongy and the quality of the piano as well as the music was nowhere near the real piano. The sound of these early pianos was too bright and the sampling was quite awful. All these points were working against this new revolution.

These early pianos did not feel right at all. The sweetness as well as the sharpness of the original piano was missing out somewhere. The manufacturers of the digital piano had to work really hard to bring it to a stage when it could be something like an original piano.
The look of these pianos was also not a good one. It had quite an ugly look. The cases looked liked cheap plastic and it was very difficult to match it with any other furniture in the home. But today digital pianos have become a sensation. Today new models of electric pianos are coming out every two to three years. Today there are many advantages of a digital piano over an upright piano. They have a lot more features and they are portable so they can be easily moved and of course, they sound fantastic.

If you've got the time then call in at Mikes websites and have a look at a selection of used Digital Pianos and Upright Pianos and compare prices, and if you want piano lessons to go with your piano, have a look at my Learn And Master Piano Review. its probably the best
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ashish's heart beats for India


Young crooner Ashish, who hails from the soils of Kolkata and currently settled in New Jersey, USA has made a mark with T-Series' new music album Aankhen Kholl Harii Boll.


Ashish was first seen in his debut album Bewafaa in 2008. Aankhen Kholl Hariiboll is a pop collection of eight tracks. There are two genres of songs including fast numbers and beautiful melodies which are truly Indian by heart and target the youth. The album carries a message for the youth. The lyric within the title song goes ... ‘Man Ki Aankhen Kholl Harii Boll' means that there is a guiding light within your soul, nurture your own soul, you will elevate yourself and finally liberate. Each song in the album is different.


Says an elated Ashish, ‘Music is my passion and I wanted to gift the audience good quality of melodies and I am grateful to T-series for giving me this wonderful opportunity.' The highlight of the album is the video of the title song featuring Ashish and Bengali actress Survi.


Ashish has learnt music from his singer mother and brother Ahin Kumar. Apart from music this singer cum electrical engineer also has an interest in playing cricket. For Ashish, music has always been the first love, always kept at it while working in the engineering industry. After Bewafaa, now it's T-Series' Aankhen Kholl Harii Boll which has given him the big break

Young crooner Ashish, who hails from the soils of Kolkata and currently settled in New Jersey, USA has made a mark with T-Series' new music album Aankhen Kholl Harii Boll.


Ashish was first seen in his debut album Bewafaa in 2008. Aankhen Kholl Hariiboll is a pop collection of eight tracks. There are two genres of songs including fast numbers and beautiful melodies which are truly Indian by heart and target the youth. The album carries a message for the youth. The lyric within the title song goes ... ‘Man Ki Aankhen Kholl Harii Boll' means that there is a guiding light within your soul, nurture your own soul, you will elevate yourself and finally liberate. Each song in the album is different.


Says an elated Ashish, ‘Music is my passion and I wanted to gift the audience good quality of melodies and I am grateful to T-series for giving me this wonderful opportunity.' The highlight of the album is the video of the title song featuring Ashish and Bengali actress Survi.


Ashish has learnt music from his singer mother and brother Ahin Kumar. Apart from music this singer cum electrical engineer also has an interest in playing cricket. For Ashish, music has always been the first love, always kept at it while working in the engineering industry. After Bewafaa, now it's T-Series' Aankhen Kholl Harii Boll which has given him the big break

Started as a free lance writer earlier for Maharashtra Herald Newspaper, then with the Pune-Mid-Day. Have also contributed for articles on websites

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Schecter C-5 Black Cherry 5-String Electric Bass Guitar

This is a great condition, Schecter C-5 Black Cherry 5-String Electric Bass Guitar. The Schecter C-5 is a 5-string bass guitar with bolt-on neck construction. The body is made of mahogany with a figured maple top. The 35" scale neck is multi-laminated using maple and walnut woods with a fingerboard that is constructed of rosewood and features 24 jumbo frets. It has vector (V-shaped) style inlays.
The Bridge is Schecter's S-Tek and the machine heads are by Grover. Two solid sounding EMG Hz pickups are placed in the Bridge and Neck positions and are controled by active electronics which has a 2-band EQ and 2 volume controls.
Technical Description

Construction / Scale: Bolt-on / 35"
Body: Mahogany w/ Figured Maple
Neck / Fingerboard:Multi-Laminate Maple and Walnut / Rosewood
Frets: 24 Jumbo
Inlays: Vector
Pickups: EMG Hz
Electronics: 2 Vol with EMG Active 2-Band EQ
Bridge: S-TEK
Tuners: Grover
Hardware: Black Chrome

Schecter C-5 Black Cherry 5-String Electric Bass Guitar

This is a great condition, Schecter C-5 Black Cherry 5-String Electric Bass Guitar. The Schecter C-5 is a 5-string bass guitar with bolt-on neck construction. The body is made of mahogany with a figured maple top. The 35" scale neck is multi-laminated using maple and walnut woods with a fingerboard that is constructed of rosewood and features 24 jumbo frets. It has vector (V-shaped) style inlays.
The Bridge is Schecter's S-Tek and the machine heads are by Grover. Two solid sounding EMG Hz pickups are placed in the Bridge and Neck positions and are controled by active electronics which has a 2-band EQ and 2 volume controls.
Technical Description

Construction / Scale: Bolt-on / 35"

Body: Mahogany w/ Figured Maple

Neck / Fingerboard:Multi-Laminate Maple and Walnut / Rosewood

Frets: 24 Jumbo

Inlays: Vector

Pickups: EMG Hz

Electronics: 2 Vol with EMG Active 2-Band EQ

Bridge: S-TEK

Tuners: Grover

Hardware: Black Chrome

Friday, March 20, 2009

Guitar Straps - Leather - Personalized or Diamond Encrusted

For those whose heart belongs to their guitar. Along with the right back up strings, a few of your favorite picks, a rock solid gig bag , and you favorite effects pedals, no set up is complete without the perfect guitar strap. Besides your actual guitar of choice, your strap is by far the most identifiable persona marker while performing. Just look at the number of searches on-line after the super bowl for "Bruce Springsteen honcho guitar strap". When you are rockin with a kick ass guitar strap, people take notice. That being said. What type is your type.

Why not go personalized. Generally, personalized differs from customized when it comes to straps. Although you are doing similar things by making you strap unique, personalization refers to putting you name or insignia on your strap using a variety of different methods. Some of those methods include leather personalization, embossing, using studs, using glitter (for the ladies of course), or sublimation if you are using a vinyl guitar strap. Whichever method you choose to use, few things make a statement better than actually printing that statement on your guitar strap.

I know a guy who plays a 65' humming bird acoustic. Its is worth over $5,000. As soon as he gets off the stage, someone always asked about is $300 personalized guitar strap. Its kind of funny, but it's true. For some reason, they really stick out. Besides, if your Donna sound that good. You might as well look the part as well.

There are a ton different ways you can express yourself. Think of what your personality would look like if you were a guitar strap. Are you a big fan of tattoo art. Get a strap that reminds you of a tattoo sleeve. If you like pink, (hey some people like pink) then rock out with a strap that will have everyone thinking you are campaigning for breast cancer awareness.

The whole point of this article is to get you thinking about some of the great styles available. Do not just go out thinking a guitar strap is something that lets you stand up and play. I know you have spent a lot of time thinking about what you want your guitar to look like. It would me no sense to just get a plain strap. Use your imagination! If you can think about it, chances are it is out there.

Snake skin style
Lion Style
Zebra print
Cheetah print
Police caution line
Personalized with you name
Embossed with a crest
Metal Studded
Hootenanny (jimi hendrix style)
Tie dyed
and many more.......

Now that you have a pretty good idea of the vast expanse of styles. It is time for you to start looking. Take your time, figure out whether you are going to go custom, or by an off the shelf design. If Chaz Michael Michaels can have a brush made Italian whale bone that he loves more than a human baby. There is no reason why you can't have a strap that is as awesome as your guitar.

To check out a huge selection of guitar straps click the guitar straps link. These are also some great sites Orlando search engine optimization | Commercial music.

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Uses Of Musical Keyboards

The keyboard is a set of adjacent keys that are depressible on a musical instrument. This is especially in the case of a piano. Keyboards consists of keys that are required to play the twelve notes found in the western scale of music with some longer keys and some shorter keys that gets repeated at an interval of octave. If you depress a key on a piano keyboard it produces sound.

The sound is produced either mechanically or electronically in case of electronic keyboards. The keyboard is also found on a synthesizer and the pattern is almost the same as the piano. The history of the musical keyboard layout can be traced back to the first century. Since then the keyboard has gone through a lot of changes.

The basic layout of the keys has not quite changed from older keyboards; it has maintained almost the same manner as the traditional keyboards. You will find that the modern musical keyboards can play some compositions automatically. These compositions have already been programmed in the memory of the keyboard.
If you press a particular key on the keyboard it automatically starts playing the compositions. There are some musical keyboards in which you can even save your compositions. These kind of keyboards are specially used by musicians who compose and record music for later use.
Musical keyboards are popular as gifts. These keyboards are available in a wide range of sizes as well as prices. You can also buy portable keyboards, which are purposely designed to be used by the children. The price varies according to the quality of the instrument.

Visit Mikes website to see a selection of new and used
Musical Keyboards and
Digital Pianos for sale. Have you every wondered which is better ,Digital
Piano Vs Upright Pianos
, click the link to find out.

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I Told You So Ringtone - Carrie Underwood ft. Randy Travis

Click Here to Download the I Told You So Ringtone by Carrie Underwood

The new song that is titled I Told You So has been released of the super star music artist Carrie Underwood.  The new single has just been released this past month and has been gaining a lot of airplay in the United States and Canada through radio and satellite radio. It's been gaining ground moving up spots in the last few weeks and is the first big single from their last album.

Carrie Underwood is a new up and coming artist that is sure to change the music industry with the great talent she posses and brings to the table to create songs that people enjoy listening to.  You will be sure to see their in many Grammy nominations in the year 2009 and probably end up winning one or more for this song or any other singles from his album as they all have great potential.

Instantly Download I Told You So Ringtone from Carrie Underwood

The I Told You So ringtone has become one of the most popular tracks on iTunes and the hottest downloaded songs in the U.S.  Many of their songs have now reached the top 50 from this album.  The song is now ranked in the top of  iTunes and has been on the charts there for several straight weeks.  It is also highly ranked on Billboard's hot 100.

If you like this ring tone, you are able to download it using the link below. To get this new tone, simply enter your cell phone number and then continue with the instructions on your phone and webpage to get the tone. It's a perfect choice and you can download it without using a credit card.

Download Unlimited Ringtones to Your Cell Phone Here

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Secrets To Becoming A Jazz Musician

Jazz is a specialized form of African-American music having numerous followers around the world. This musical form was originated in the starting of the 20th century. What makes it different from other musical forms is the effective use of blue notes, syncopation, polyrhythms, swung note and improvisation. Jazz has today reached from the local coast of America to worldwide level connecting musical lovers and encouraging them to create new versions every day. Jazz is difficult to define and explain. The best way to learn about jazz is to have firm dedication towards it. Unfortunately, jazz music is tough to sell and it simple indicates that musicians don’t get what they actually deserve. But, the love of this special kind of music keeps their spirits high and keeps them going on and on.

Want to Learn Jazz music – Internet shows the way
To start with, it is important to learn the history of the music. Knowing the history of Jazz is important because it is considered as a classical form of music and many other musical forms such as rock and country are associated with its history. Having a clear understanding of the history will help in understanding its rhythms, techniques and sub-genres and a becoming musician can become a better jazz player. Secondly, it is better to find a band comprising of people who love jazz. Practice your knowledge with them and record and redo your work to gain expertise. Thirdly, you need to contact an experienced musicians having knowledge about the appropriate tools for teaching jazz music. Take some time out from your tight schedule and practice your lesions properly to perfect your timing and playing techniques. When you think you are ready for show, play your techniques at local bars, pubs or any other occasion such as weddings, birthdays and others. Try making contacts with people, musicians, music bands, music companies, other professionals and impress them with your talent.

Internet can be an excellent platform for intermediate jazz tools - helping young as well as established musicians to update on Jazz anytime and from anywhere. A website helps in rendering a professional image - easy to be permeated to others of similar interest.

Share your interest, experience and musical philosophy as well as gain from others to benefit maximum from a proper music community.

Myself webmaster of - find tools for teaching jazz music, Big Band jazz music & intermediate jazz tools etc.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Introducing Eric Margan And The Red Lions: Debut Release Midnight Book

New York-based indie-chamber rock musicians, Eric Margan & the Red Lions, present their debut release Midnight Book (March 17, 2009/Self-Released). Drawing from years of classical training and a personal devotion to modern jazz and classic rock, the talented songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/front man, Eric Margan, makes an original and sophisticated entrance with an impressive collection of 12 incredible tracks in Midnight Book.

The debut album for 22-year-old Margan resonates as a somber, theatrical novel - complete with love, tragedy, heartbreak, and revival. Midnight Book, as the title might imply, is best experienced from "cover to cover." Midnight Book delivers stellar and distinctive compositions, augmented by ensnaring and intriguing lyrical poetry, leading the listener into an introspective musical journey.

The album opens with "An Ocean Blue", a swirling, seductive tapestry of orchestral grandeur, seemingly emerging from the darkest depths of the piano and sets the stage for a colossal, metaphor-laden song cycle. As the pages of Midnight Book turn, the love story that began so triumphantly begins to unravel in Margan's "A Speckled Mind." It is here that Margan displays the delicate touch of an impressionist painter, through the juxtaposition of orchestral strings combined with a powerful yet poignant drum and bass polyrhythm.

The album's standout "Old Man River" is the turning point in the story, full of grandiose and massively cinematic crescendo. Margan's colorful plot thickens to a soaring climax, telling a story of an estranged marriage - complete with twists, turns, murder and revenge.

Margan appropriately concludes his heavy narrative with the relatively bare instrumentation of strings, piano, voice and guitar. The last notes are imminent, chords that are prepared to leave their final impression - but not without a last fighting chance.

Born and raised in Columbia County of Upstate New York, Eric Margan's musical endeavors started at just nine years old when he began studying flute. It was when he turned 14 that the hobby had become a potential career. He began treading new waters with the formation of his first band - a three-piece rock group in which he was a co-songwriter, bassist, and singer. Margan furthered his bass skills by participating in various jazz ensembles and combos throughout his high school years. Furthering his music studies, he brought together his classical training with his passion for modern rock and live performance with the addition of the talented musicians that make up the Red Lions.

A stellar line-up of musicians was assembled to augment Margan's music on stage, including drummer Jim Bertini, bassists Scott Kellerhouse and Vince Chiarito, keyboardist Zachary Seman and guitarist/flutist/vocalist Johanna Warren. Live performances and Midnight Book also feature various string, woodwind and brass players.

Eric Margan and the Red Lions are rapidly earning the respect and admiration of fans and bands alike, from opening for such acts as the Benevento Russo Duo and L.A.-based Bittersweet, to recording sessions with Pete Seeger and Richie Havens, as well as playing a multitude of shows in the Northeastern United States.

What critics have been saying about Eric Margan and the Red Lions:

"There are a number of acts that are currently creating music right now that I would call good, but I would have to downgrade them to "passable" just so I could get the proper amount of distance to the "great" that I would assess to Eric Margan & The Red Lions. "Midnight Book" should be seen as a "must-have" album…"-NeuFutur Magazine

"Elegant, sophisticated and refreshingly open-hearted, singer-guitarist Margan pens wonderfully literate and melodically inventive songs that he has orchestrated for a most unusual but oh-so effective ensemble of musicians featuring drums, bass, keyboards, violin, cello, clarinet and flute. This is Chamber music for the 21st Century, and it simply sparkles."
-Greg Haymes, The Times Union

"Eric Margan's songs and aesthetic are from another time: His musical influences seem drawn entirely from before he was born. His jazz-leaning, ornate, orchestral pop is unlike anything that's come out of the Capital Region in as long as we can remember, and the band's busy gig schedule has amassed them a devoted, even defensive, fan base. Trust us: This band will be going places."
-John Brodeur, Metroland

Eric Margan and the Red Lions will begin touring this spring in support of Midnight Book. The confirmed list of shows is as follows:

February 13, The College of Saint Rose, Albany, NY
February 21, (PRE-CD RELEASE SHOW) The Bowery Poetry Club, New York, NY
March 5, Muddy Cup, Albany, NY
March 13, (CD RELEASE SHOW) Valentines, Albany, NY
March 17, Banjo Jims, New York, NY
March 18-22, SXSW Music Festival, Austin, TX
March 30, The Living Room, New York, NY
April 3, Valentines Upstairs, Albany, NY
April 4, Bard College, Annadale-on-Hudson, NY

More dates will be released at'll Never Know.mp3

MusicDish, LLC

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Jonas Brothers Tickets

The Jonas Brothers are an American pop rock band from Wyckoff, New Jersey.
The Jonas Brothers band was started as a solo project of the youngest member and brother, Nicholas Jonas. Once it was brought to the attention of recording company that he had two other musically talented brothers as well, they were quickly signed as "The Jonas Brothers" to Columbia Records. The boys recently converted labels though to Hollywood Records. The group is composed of three brothers, Joe Jonas, 17, Kevin Jonas, 19, and Nick Jonas, 14. Before settling on the name "The Jonas Brothers" the brothers considered "Sons of Jonas" and "The Jonas Trio". They released their first album, It's About Time, on August 8, 2006. Their newest self titled album, Jonas Brothers is set to release August 7th 2007.

The Jonas Brothers have been featured on MTV's Total Request Live, with their music video for "Mandy" reaching the number four. Also, The Jonas Brothers made number 2 in TRL's top ten with their video "Hold On". The group has also had its music featured in the Nickelodeon television film Zoey 101: Spring Break-Up. They performed "(Yo Ho) A Pirate's Life for Me" for DisneyMania 4, and were featured on Cartoon Network's Cartoon Cartoon Fridays program. Their father was in charge of getting the band's record deals. He also aids them financially. They have also reached the top of Radio Disney's chart with their song "Year 3000", followed by "Mandy", "Hold On", "Kids of the Future", and "Poor Unfortunate Souls". They will also be guest starring in the hit Disney Channel Show Hannah Montana titled "Me and Mr. Jonas" which will appear after the DCOM High School Musical 2.

In 2007, a new fictional television series entitled J.O.N.A.S! starring the trio as a group of government hired spies is to debut on the Disney Channel.
Their full names are: Kevin Paul Jonas II, Joseph Adam Jonas, and Nicholas Jerry Jonas.
On August 7th 2007 The iTunes Music Store named the single "Hold On" as number three on their "Best of the Store" Playlist.
The Jonas Brothers will be opening for Miley Cyrus on a 54-date concert tour starting October 18, 2007 in St. Louis, Missouri and ending January 9, 2008 in Albany, New York.
In 2007 They Began Appearing In Commercials For Baby Bottle Pops Singing The Slogan.

Ask the Jonas Brothers who theyre hoping to turn into fans with their new self-titled CD and they wont say everybody. But thats precisely what theyll mean. Were aiming for people our age, says 17-year-old Joe. But we also wanna get kids younger than us, adds 14-year-old Nick. And older people, too, 19-year-old Kevin pipes up. The highly anticipated follow-up to the New Jersey siblings 2006 debutwhich featured the TRL hit MandyThe Jonas Brothers is sure to make good on the bands goal: Its a high-energy pop-punk disc overflowing with insanely catchy hooks, muscular guitar fuzz and mature songwriting that reveals just how much growing up the boys have done since we last heard from them.

Talk about something for everyone: In S.O.S. they attack a fierce dance-rock groove, while in Hello Beautiful they go soulful and acoustic. Games rides a laidback reggae groove the Police would envy, then switches gears into a zippy Ramones-style rave-up. Hollywood pairs a tricky funk beat with divebombing guitar lines, and When You Look Me in the Eyes builds to a power-ballad crescendo. In Goodnight and Goodbye, the albums most ambitious cut, they combine Warped Tour-style punk with musical-theatre trimmings inspired by Nicks years on Broadway in Les Miserables and Beauty and the Beast. Throughout the album, the boys reflect on a variety of emotional hardships without losing their grip on the positive vibe that underpins all their music.

Remarkably eclectic yet bound together by the brothers trademark harmony vocals, the CD is the natural result of the wild times the Jonases have experienced lately. After spending much of 2006 supporting their debut on the road with tween-scene heavyweights such as Jesse McCartney, the Veronicas and Aly & AJ, the brothers found themselves reaching a new audience earlier this year when the Disney Channel put the bands Year 3000 video into heavy rotation. As soon as that happened, the song entered the Top 10 on iTunes and our MySpace comments doubled, Kevin marvels. It was almost impossible to keep up with the new friend requests! It didnt get any easier: The bands profile continued to rise over the next few months thanks to appearances on Radio Disney and the Meet the Robinsons soundtrack, where the Jonases remade Kim Wildes Kids in America as Kids of the Future. Eager to provide their quickly expanding fanbase with new music, the band entered L.A.s Seedy Underbelly studio in February with producer John Fields, whose work on Switchfoots The Beautiful Letdown had made the boys huge fans of his. John lives rock music, Joe says of the producer, whos also worked with Rooney and Pink. We always thought it would be so cool to work with him.

They worked quickly, recording the album from beginning to end in a mere 21 days, a feat they accomplished in part because they knew the material so well: Where their debut featured work by a handful of professional songwriters, The Jonas Brothers only contains songs penned by the Jonas Brothers themselves, with occasional assists by pals like Bleu (Thats Just the Way We Roll), P.J. Bianco (When You Look Me in the Eyes) and the boys own backing band (Games). As brothers, we just know how to work together, Nick explains.

When we signed to Hollywood, Kevin remembers, we told the label, Hey, we have some demos of songs weve been writing for the past year and a half. We thought itd be so funny to just record those songs for the album to see what we could get away with. But those turned out to be the songs on the record!

The brothers say their writing reveals a lifetime of influenceseverything from My Chemical Romance to the Backstreet Boys to Weird Al Yankovic (with whom the band recently shared the stage at New Jerseys Bamboozle festival). Still, what you really hear on The Jonas Brothers is the sound of three young musicians finding their own voicetheir own distinctive blend of Nicks way with an R&B vocal, Joes love of danceable beats and Kevins obsession with guitar solos. This album is so us, says Joe. The first one was us kind of coming into what the Jonas Brothers could be, Kevin adds. Whereas this one really shows off where were at right now. The youngest Jonas but perhaps the wisest, Nick concludes thus: We love what were doing and we want to do it for a while.
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Love Story Ringtone | Taylor Swift

Click Here to Download the Love Story Ringtone by Taylor Swift

Download Love Story Ringtone by Taylor Swift. Love Story is a song by American country music-pop music artist Taylor Swift. It is the first single from her second studio album, 2008's Fearless. The song was released in September 2008, and by November it reached the top of the Billboard country chart, becoming her third Billboard Number One. It has also become her first top five hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

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Love Story by Taylor Swift is one of the hottest tracks in the world right now. It is near the top of music charts around the world, including the Billboard Hot 100 and iTunes Top Songs Chart. The music video is also very popular on MTV and YouTube. Love Story Ringtone is one of the top ringtones in North America and is the perfect choice for your cell phone. If you love the track Love Story by Taylor Swift, you need to download the Love Story Ringtone to your phone. Taylor Swift has released some awesome songs over the past couple years, but Love Story is definitely one of the very best. Click on the link below and sign up the get the Love Story Ringtone right now! You will also get bonus ringtones of your choice just for joining. This works with almost any mobile carrier in the United States, so don't wait - get the Love Story Ringtone now:

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Michael Jackson "This Is It" O2 Concert Tour

Michael Jackson, the self made King of Pop has said that he is finally hanging up his glove and will play the O2 for the last time. This new show called "This is It" will be Michael Jackson's master piece. He has promised to play all of his old hits that all his fans want to hear. That includes classics like Billie Jean, Thriller, Beat It and Smooth Criminal. Critiques were concerned because during previous concerts he did not perform the hits that made him famous. Instead he chose to play his newer songs. They were fine but fans wanted to hear the oldie and goodies. To squash the critiques Michael Jackson has guaranteed that he would perform his old hit and produced the list to reassure this would be the truth.

I don’t know about you have to tell you this show has been a long time coming. It has been around 12 years since he played a concert like this one. Ever since his acquittal he has shyed away from the camera and decided to live a more relative life away from the camera. But I have to tell you that his fans have been in Michael Jackson shock waiting for the next fix. The crack of his show has left his fans shacking in their boots and now is there chance to see one of the most anticipated shows to hit the music circuit in decades.

If you have not gotten tickets for this show yet you may be out of luck, although, there are plenty of tickets still being sold on sites like and viagogo and eventwave. Expect that you will pay a premium though when purchasing. If you’re not willing to pay a premium then expect to not get a ticket this time around. Even with Michael adding more show, the tickets sold out on the second or third day. Ticket sites like ticketmaster UK are reporting an increase of hits to their sites with the announcement of the Michael Jackson O2 Show. It just shows that people still want to hear Michael Jackson in concert.

Do you need tickets. Get your cheap Michael Jackson This is it O2 Concert tickets today!! Also check out Ne Yo Concert Tour Tickets

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Sxsw Alert: Amy Speace To Play Mpress Records & Organic Entertainment Showcases

Grassy Hill Entertainment singer-songwriter Amy Speace and the Tearjerks will be performing at two different showcases during this year's South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival in Austin, TX. Amy will be performing material from her upcoming record "The Killer in Me" at the Organic Entertainment Party and MPress Records Annual Party.

The announcement follows news that the audience at last year's Falcon Ridge Folk Festival voted Amy as their most favorite artist at the annual Emerging Artist Showcase. She will return to Falcon Ridge this summer to participate in the "Most Wanted" performance on Saturday July 25 alongside runner-ups Blue Moose & the Unbuttoned Zippers, Abi Tapia and Lucy Wainwright Roche

Wednesday, March 18, 3:15 PM
Threadgills Restaurant
301 W Riverside Dr.
Austin, Texas
(512) 472-9304

Saturday, March 21, 1:55 - 2:40 PM
Soho Lounge
217 E 6th St.
Austin, Texas
(512) 236-1705

Named by WFUV to its "Top 16 To Watch" list last year, Amy Speace is an Americana-rock artist who draws comparisons to Roseanne Cash, Lucinda Williams and Neko Case. Her sophomore album "The Killer In Me", produced by James Mastro and engineered by Mitch Easter, features 12 new songs and 2 duets with Ian Hunter and "is a collection of alt-country gems, a little dark around the edgesAs a singer, she's got a soulful voice that grabs your ears. Take note, Amy is one artist you won't want to miss." (John Platt, host of "The Sunday Breakfast " WFUV).

What they're saying about "The Killer In Me":

"If you thought that "Songs For Bright Street", her previous effort was already worth your attention, then this "Killer In Me" (released early March) will certainly be an album you have to ad to your collection!" - Mr Blue Boogie, BillyBop

"If you're on to the newest trends in music country you must certainly knock at the door of Amy Speace. Those looking for honest and personal work have come to the right address." - Keys & Chords

"There's more than nerve and creativity noticeable on the meanwhile fourth album of this singer - songwriter, already the title track "the Killer In Me" and "This Love" feature vintage Lucinda Williams." -

"Speace knows how to make a beautifully varied CD that builds a coherent unit through a wonderful balance of pop, rock and blues, ballads and up-tempo numbers that never bore you for a minute. A truly excellent and grown-up album." - MOORS MAGAZINE


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Radio City Ny Tickets

This is the venue that symbolizes the festive side of American Dream. This is the venue that is loved not only by all New Yorkers but the whole lot of Americans. And those visit New York find termed it as the most fantastic entertainment venue of the States. The place in the spotlight is the magnificent Radio City Music Hall that is among the premier attritions of New York City.

Nicknamed as the "Showplace of the Nation," the Radio City Music Hall is located at New York City's Rockefeller Center. It is the largest indoor theatre in the world and boosts of state-of-the-art facilities and all required modern amenities. The main auditorium is designed in such a wonderful way that you get a perfect view no matter where your seats are.

The Radio city New York is the landmark in architectural history. Designed wonderfully by architect Edward Durell Stone and interior designer Donald Deskey, this Art Deco style building primarily attracts for its beauty and charm. The moment you see its multiple story illuminated building, you get bewitched by its grandeur. But if its exterior is wonderful, then you will definitely fall in love with the interior. Superb design, awesome decoration, well-planned seating and multi-purpose stage and lighting facilities, Radio City truly deserves to be the most happening venue of America.

It is not for nothing that the Radio City Music Hall was declared a city landmark in 1978. After all, it attracts the biggest artists, blockbuster musical productions and most importantly millions of visitors to the city of New York. The name Radio City is derived from the Radio Corporation of America, one of the first tenants of this complex. They had developed numerous studios and entertainment based venues but attained the stature like that of Radio City Music Hall. From its opening in 1932 till now, this venue has only grown better and better.

The Radio city New York personifies the sumptuousness of American Arts and Culture. It is the temple of all-things-fun in New York. One of the most awaited and grandest events that it hosts annually is the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, a fantastic Christmas show featuring the world-famous dance team known as The Rockettes. Presented here since 1933, this show has become a permanent part of New York's Christmas celebrations. If The Rockettes rock the Radio City Music Hall in Christmas, several other prestigious events also grace this venue. Be it Grammy Awards, Tony Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, Daytime Emmy Awards or some other televised shows; Radio City hosts the biggest events of the showbiz world.

Among the regular events of Radio city New York, you are bound to attend the musical concerts it hosts every now and then. Having played host to some of the best names in the business, music breathes life in Radio City Music Hall. Elton John, Beatles, Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, Heaven and Hell and Luis Miguel and all other names; you can watch many rocking concerts here. It has also hosted boxing events featuring stars like Roy Jones Jr, David Telesco, David Izon, Derrick Jefferson and others. To cut the long story short, the Radio city Music Hall New York steals the show among the host of lavish venues of America. Live shows, movies, concerts, special events and Christmas Spectacular; you can watch it all here in a perfectly fantastic environment.
For more information about Radio City NY Tickets visit:

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Top Six Things To Look For In Piano Lessons Download

In this article I shall discuss the few things that you should look into while searching for good piano lessons download online.


Well, the main reason why people opt for online piano lessons download is because it is free of cost, at least at the beginners' level and for advanced learners' courses they will charge a nominal fee. This is in stark contrast to offline real piano classes where you have to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to take the lesson.

Actual sheet music

Virtual piano lessons are fine but a real copy of the sheet of music is always welcome. Always go for online piano lessons that can be downloaded in a jiffy and which also offer printable versions.

Schedule to follow

There are some websites where you will be offered timed lessons, but if you are a busy individual it won't suit your lifestyle. Always choose something with which you will be able to adjust. I would personally recommend an online piano lesson which follows a loose schedule which will be flexible enough for you to follow, without letting your course go haywire.

Lessons on advanced tricks

A good online piano lesson should also teach you a few tricks which will enhance your piano learning experience and which will enthrall your audience. After mastering the tricks you will find it easier to play arpeggios, glissandos and trills.

Advanced notation lessons

Various kinds of interesting Latin things and expressions will be learnt by you such as legato, slurs, dynamic markings, expressions, triplets, ties, note groupings etc if you select a good online piano lesson. All these things will be introduced to you at the advanced level.

Simple chords and accompaniment lessons

Once you graduate from the beginners and intermediate courses to the advanced learner's course, you shall be introduced to stuff like left hand accompaniment or activity on the intervals, minor and major triads, basic chords, treble clef etc.

You must check to see that your piano lessons download have these necessary features.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Should You Adjust Your Guitar Pickup To Get Good Sound?

Like all aspects of guitar playing, the question of how to adjust  the pickup to get a good sound is mostly a matter of taste. You can fool around endlessly making adjustments to your pickups but you only NEED to adjust your pickups if you want more distortion from your guitar, you want an even amount of distortion on all the strings, or there is a big difference in volume between the pickups on your guitar.

In order to make your adjustments to get a good sound you need a little knowledge of how pickups work and the techniques used to adjust them. When you adjust your pickups, it is best that you disconnect the guitar from the amp while you are making the adjustments.

If you don't know a lot about guitar set-up it is probably best to get personal guidance from an experienced guitarist. The alternative is to be prepared for a long process of trial and error plus the possibility of then needing advice from a more experienced guitar player and putting up with remarks about your lack or expertise.

The basic idea behind learning how to adjust your guitar pickup is that if the strings are too near to the pickups the magnetic force on them lessens their ability to vibrate. But on the other hand, the further away from the pickups the strings are, the lesser their ability to pick up the sound. The guitar's pickups can be raised or lowered by turning the screws on the sides of the pickups. A decent distance between pickup and string is about three-sixteenths of an inch. This is to stop you bumping the pickups with your pick.

Single coil pickups have six magnets in them and humbuckers have twelve. On some pickups these rods, or pole pieces can be adjusted with a screwdriver. The basic procedure is to loosen the pole pieces to raise them, connect the guitar to the amp, listen to your tone, go back and make further adjustments if necessary.

If you have your strings closer to the pickups, therefore getting more sound, that doesn't mean the quality of your sound will be better. If you are the kind of person who prefers to make sound adjustments by ear you could focus your attention on the output of the neck pickup and move it up until the sound breaks up, then bring it down a fraction. You could adjust the bridge pickups as close as possible to the strings. These pickup usually don't damp the strings as much as the neck the neck pickups.

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Learn How To Play Spanish Guitar

Spanish guitar is a loose term which people use to refer to any acoustic guitar music with a Spanish sound. Flamenco is the folk music of a particular region of Spain which is often confused with classical guitar because they both involve a guy in a suit playing a guitar with his fingernails. Flamenco has little in common with classical guitar because it is basically just the guitar accompaniment to Flamenco singing and dancing with guitar solos being a late development in this genre.

Classical guitar which is classical music played on a nylon string acoustic guitar with no cutaway at the top frets. The guitar is usually made from Rosewood for the sides and back, and Cedar and Spruce for the front.

Classical guitar is strongly associated with Spanish composers from several different periods of history and the prime mover of classical guitar technique was a Spaniard by the name of Andres Segovia.

One of the attractions of Spanish guitar is that it is just the guitar and you. No equipment other than your instrument is required, and the music you produce is the result of your practice. Whatever your definition of Spanish guitar music, there are lots of pieces that have been  published and are within the reach of the dedicated amateur acoustic guitar player. This means if you work reasonably hard you will have a half-hour or so repertoire in a few months. Once you get to that stage you will be quite a formidable Spanish guitar player.

Thanks to the internet almost any kind of music you could think of is available in the form of guitar tabs. If you are going to put yourself through the rigor of a disciplined guitar practice routine, you should think about going the extra yard and learning to read sheet music. For classical or Flamenco music you are going to need to read music or have one of the guitar tab software programs that allow you to hear the MIDI files of the piece you are studying. Learning to read music might seem a bit daunting but all in all it will work out the easier course in the long run.

Spanish guitar is one genre where you really need to take lessons from a live teacher. The trouble is you might have to travel to another area to learn it. If time and budget do not allow you to take lessons, buy a copy of the book, Solo Guitar Playing by Fred Noad. It has all the basics you need to learn plus pieces you can learn as your technique progresses. Also remember to keep an eye on the video websites for any lessons in Spanish guitar you can get.

Another book of Spanish guitar music you should look for is A New Tune A Day For Classical Guitar. It has pieces from the classical guitar heavyweights like Sor, Bach, Carulli and Carcassi plus some other tunes like Scarborough Fair and Amazing Grace.

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Free Download Music Sites

Are you looking for free music downloads sites? If so, here are a couple of ways you can download music legally.

One way to do it is to rip from CD. If you have the music CD, you can simply use windows media player to rip the tracks from the CD into mp3 files.You also can download music for free from some websites.In simple words, if you have paid for the music that you have downloaded over the internet, then its legal. Of course there are services which you can try for free (for a limited time) and can keep the mp3 music that you download during trial period, even if you decide to cancel.

Downloading Free music online is really a best thing for music lovers.There are some websites where you can listen to music for free but you do not have acess to download.Many people do not know that there are sites where you can actually download music for free legally.

EZ-Tracks is one of the most popular websites which offers music search, download and play.Unlike other free music download sites in the Internet, Ez-Tracks is a legal music download site and do not use peer-to-peer file (P2P) sharing protocol.Users can search from over 50,000 free songs or browse MP3 music downloads by category.EZ-Tracks allow the users to listen to thousands of fabulous songs with 45 second previews before downloading.You must be a member of EZ-Tracks to download free music.Don't avoid the registration,it is free and you have nothing to loose. Once when you are registered, you will be able to access to millions of songs for free.

If you want to download music for free,Visit free music download sites.

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