Monday, October 27, 2008

80's EXPLORA BASS Guitar

80's XPL BASS -- Hybrid:
+ alder body finished in lake placid blue,unknown manufacturer
+ SQUIER KANTANA BASS maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and pointy headstock design
+ 1 P-bass style pickup
+ chrome hardware

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

RED Metallic Electric BASS-JAZZ Guitar

Beautiful Metallic Sparkle RED full size Jazz Bass style electric bass

INCLUDES gig bag, strap and cable too!

Solid Basswood body and neck - Rosewood fingerboardLow-noise electronics and "sweet-spot" precision tone control. 2 knobs to control the volume of each single coil pickup and one to control the tone.

This is a sweet looking bass with very nice low end. Nice action for slapping or picking. Fully adjustable bridge. Truss rod in neck.

This is a copy of the classic Jazz style bass. Made famous by virtuoso Jaco Pastorius, It also became a classic in the hands of bassists such as John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, Geddy Lee of Rush, and it remains a popular choice of musicians of Rock, Punk, and Fusion.

The neck on the Jazz Bass is narrower towards the nut and slimmer than the P-Bass. It was called the "Jazz Bass" because the neck was more similar in contour to an upright acoustic bass than the original P-Bass. Ironically, it has been more famous in the hands of rock bassists than jazz, funk or r&b bassists who, historically, tend to prefer the P-Bass.

The narrower neck on this bass may be good for players with smaller hands or short fingers, although playing bass in general requires great finger dexterity, due to the long scale of the neck.
The neck on this particular bass is very smooth and very fast....a necessity on any instrument, but especially a bass guitar. If you've ever played a cheap bass with a neck that wasn't milled properly, you know what i'm talking about. The only thing cheap about this bass is the price. This one is guaranteed to be good!

Includes accessory pack - Gig bag, Shoulder strap and Instrument cableFREE while supplie last.

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Traben Tribal Sun 4 String Electric Bass Guitar 3094

This is a Traben Tribal Sun 4 String Electric Bass Guitar. It features a unique, sleek, contoured body design including a Flame Maple top. It Features a 3-band EQ, long 35 in. scale maple neck length which allows for incredible tone, 24 frets, and the carved neck joint provides incredible access to the upper frets. This awesome bass guitar is in Excellent+ condition. It has buckle rash on the back and some light scratches on the front. Gig bag is included. This is a very unique bass guitar. Don't miss out on this one.