Saturday, September 20, 2008



Product Description

This is one model that transcends both the Multiac and Signature series of Godin guitars. At first glance the Jazz has a familiar look with its single cutaway chambered body adorned with traditional F-holes and the Godin GJN1 humbucker at the top of the fingerboard. However the slotted headstock and the preamp controls on the upper bout may be the first clues towards discovering that this isn't your average jazz guitar. The standard Jazz comes with a triple-A-grade flame maple top. The Jazz Spruce features a solid spruce top.

Although capable of producing classic jazz guitar sounds courtesy of the Godin GJN1 humbucking pickup, the Jazz has the power to take you far beyond traditional jazz guitar sounds. Each saddle in the bridge is actually an independent transducer, which is supported by an on-board preamp and graphic EQ. Designed specifically for the Jazz, this system opens up a world of new sonic possibilities for all players. The crystalline sounds produced by this system can be used on their own, or very effectively in combination with the neck position pickup. A small dose of the bridge output can be combined with the mellow sound of the GJN1 to produce added note definition so often missing in traditional archtop guitar sounds. The Multiac Jazz also includes hexaphonic output from a 13-pin connector, which provides direct access to RolandTM GR-Series synthesizers, and the various V-Guitar products that RolandTM has developed around the same 13-pin interface

Product Specifications

- Silverleaf maple neck
- Ebony fingerboard
- 25 ½" scale
- 1 11/16" nut width
- 16" fingerboard radius
- Body - Silverleaf maple center with Poplar wings
- 'AAA' grade Flame Maple top or Solid Spruce Top
- Custom RMC electronics with 13-pin connector for direct control of Roland GR Series and Axon AX100 guitar synths
- Lightburst High-Gloss or Spruce Natural Semi-Gloss

Warwick Corvette Taranis 4 String Bass Guitar

This bone-rattling bass is a low-end lover's dream, and a neighbor's nightmare! It's standard tuning is (from low to high) B, E, A, and D.

The BIG 'OL FAT MOTHER MEC MM and SC pickups deliver a gutteral tone that is both in your face and present in the mix. This beast is not delicate at all.

Another cool feature about the Taranis is its finish. The swamp ash body is lightly sandblasted to remove the softest parts of the wood. This process creates a killer texture and appearance that highlights the grain. You have to see it in person to appreciate the visual impact of this unique Warwick finish.

Swamp ash body
Made for LOW (B, E, A, D) tuning
34" scale
Wenge fingerboard
500mm fingerboard radius
19mm string spacing
Passive MEC MM and SC pickups
Comes with Deluxe Plush Gigbag

Friday, September 12, 2008


Zenta sixties vintage solid short scale (76cm) Telecaster bass guitar, made in Japan. In very good condition and full and proper working order.
A relatively small and light bass guitar typical of those made in the far east during the 60's/70's. The guitar is based on the Telecaster shape and style and is complete and original and even has the tailpiece cover. The neck is fairly straight with just a dip of about 2mm with no wear to the frets (or any evidence of honing etc.) and none to the rosewood fingerboard, the profile is comfortable and the action is good (44mm nut)
The body is in very good condition for its age though inevitably there are some knocks and dings to the edges but nothing unsightly, all the electrics work properly and smoothly and it has a punchy authentic sixties 'beat' sound with s good range of tone.

Vintage 1963 Gibson ES-330 Guitar, Right-Handed

1963 Gibson ES 330 TDC (Thinline, Double Pickup, Cutaway) Serial Number: 119427 Right-handed (pics are flipped, and my software can't flip them back, sorry...) ***NO RESERVE*** This is my first electric guitar, purchased when I was a senior in high school, 1989. It was already pretty well worn, full of spider cracks and the finish was faded out, more brownish in the front and a beautiful red in the back. The tone was a sweet, rich bluesy sound and I spent the next four years or so playing in a blues / classic-rock band rather than studying for college. Through a proper tube amp, the sound really cannot be matched. I set it aside and just started playing again this last year. Unfortunately, I'm moving overseas and getting rid of all of my stuff. Condition: this is not even close to a perfect collector's item. Spider cracks everywhere. Finish is faded to brown in front, but still a deep red in the back. A couple of small chips in the paint along the edge, slightly corroded switches and potentiometers, and one missing volume knob. BUT it plays very well. The neck is nice and straight, frets are fine, and the strings are close to the neck. Whenever I put the guitar away for more than a few days, I loosen the strings. I also keep a humidifer in the case itself. If you are like me, you want an instrument, not a museum piece. I like a guitar to match the blues I play, which is not a neat-pressed, bow-tied, wine-and-cheese affair. I'll include a hard case along with the guitar. That's why I'm charging $75 shipping. Case is pretty heavy. Note: the case is probably as old as the guitar, and has -- I find this hysterical -- "THE HOBIT" and "S. CHORNEY" stenciled on it. Dude misspells "hobbit". Lord, lord, lord... Case is pretty broken down. Handle is broken on one side and I just wrap my arm around the whole thing to carry it. So, I'm really just using the case to make sure shipping is safer. You'll want to repair this case, or, better yet, just buy a new one. But in a box, it will see the guitar through shipping safely. For reviews, check out epinions. People really love this. I don't know how much it's worth, so I'm putting it up with no reserve. I do hope the winning bidder will PLAY this thing. It means more to me that it's played than how much money it goes for... So, if you're not going to play it, or give it to someone who does, can I ask that you bid on the next Gibson hollowbody to come around and pass on mine?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Burny Late 70's-Early 80's SG Bass Wine Red MIJ

SG Bass by Burny and this is from late 70's - mid 80's . Made in Japan. Killer wood grain !
Mahogany body and neck
Chrome Parts
Stock pickups
39 mm at nut , 52mm at 12th fret
Very slim neck but round U shape back
Killer Wine Red color
It weighs about 8 lbs.
Comes with gigbag
This Bass is in very good shape for its age. There are some small dents, scratches on body and headstock edges. Some touched up areas. There is an extra screw hole on back of body which I believe the previous owner tried to relocate the upper strap pin. The bass plays great and sounds fine. Frets are in very good shape about 70% of life left.